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Angela Cerasi is the vibrant senior colourist

and founder of Peachy Keen Colour.



Fuelled by an obsession for meaningful imagery, Angela has colour graded hundreds of hours of documentaries, dramas and commercials for cinema, broadcast and streaming platforms.  After a decade spent in large, cavernous grading suites in Dublin and Sydney, two bouts of maternity leave and an interstate move, she made the courageous decision to dive into entrepreneurship and start her own creative business.


Peachy Keen Colour was born.  It’s vision is to be the go-to service for remote colour grading globally.


As a colourist, Angela loves elegant colour grading that perfectly reflects the tone of the piece and enhances the deeper meaning of the film.  It is her goal in every session to have a true collaboration; listening and understanding the heart of the story, exploring visual ideas and finding the optimum way to translate the message to screen.  Angela prides herself on treating the footage with the utmost respect, completing the job on time and creating a calm and relaxing grade session.


Her passion is to encourage more women to participate in the film & TV industry and for women to have more badass confidence in general!  Her vision is to be a role model for female screen practitioners, championing the power of storytelling and inspiring the belief that their perspective is both unique and important.