Patricia Moore

10 x 10min DRAMA SERIES, 2018

A Blackpills, Cobbstar Productions, Black Sheep Films production

Written, created & Directed by Blake Fraser

Executive Producers – Mathieu Van de Velde, Augustin Bernard, Brian Cobb

Producer – Chris Tompson

DOP: Tania Lambert, ACS

Editor: Margi Hoy

Post Production: ZigZag Post

DI Finishing/Mastering – Rob Sarroff

Colourist – Angela Cerasi

This short TV series was colour graded by Angela Cerasi.  Post Production was completed at ZIGZAG Post in Sydney.  This gritty drama was a lot of fun to tackle.  A wonderful mix of low-light scenes contrasts with the calm before the storm daylight imagery. This enthralling narrative promises to captivate you from the opening scene to the final frame.


The series centres around The Moores, a family of cannibals, who have survived the last six years by traveling in their outfitted bus, luring drunk, lonely men to feed the family.  When the cold storage unit in the bus breaks, the family is forced to move to a populated lakeside town to fix it. There, Patricia meets Toby, and becomes torn between her desire to live a different life and the commitment she has to her family’s survival.


DOP Tania Lambert ACS commented about her experience colour grading with Angela Cerasi on Patricia Moore: “In our first prep meeting, I felt we connected on a visual level as we discussed references and visual motifs. Throughout the entire 10 day grade Angela brought an emotional understanding to the grade, which I find very important working in drama as well as a natural talent for consistency and finding interesting looks which were tonally suitable. I would highly recommend working with Angela.”


The series was nominated and won awards at festivals around the world, including Tania Lambert being awarded a Silver ACS award in Drama in 2018.  The film also won Best Cinematography at Roma Webfest 2018.  It was awarded the best Drama and Best Editing awards at the Melbourne Web Festival 2018.


The series can be viewed in it’s entirety on SBS on Demand, here.


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