Dermalogica – “Hold the Pose”

Director: Cybele Malinowski
Producer: Angela Liang
DOP: Selina Miles
Agency: Agender


Cybele Malinowski directed this commercial campaign for Dermalogica’s Neck Fit Contour Serum product, while Director of Photography Selina Miles filmed the stunning images.  Dermalogica created the campaign in association with agency Agender.  Agender’s mission is to pursue gender equality across work, representation and pay in the photographic and motion industry.

Angela Cerasi; Brisbane-based Senior Colourist, provided dense and warm feels in her colour grade.   Earthy tones like yellows, browns and green feature feature, as well as a nod to the brand colouring in the Dermalogica-blue coloured skies. Beauty work was also provided in the grade to showcase Ella’s luminous dewy and glowing skin.

Ella Havelka is the face of the campaign.  Ella is a descendant of the Wiradjuri people and was the first Aboriginal or Indigenous Australian Ballet Dancer to join the Australian Ballet company.

The commercial was filmed in Wiradjuri Country in central New South Wales.  This is Ella’s native land and the community was heavily affected by the 2020 Australian bushfires.  The location was chosen not only for its natural, picturesque beauty but also to support the community’s efforts to recover and rebuild following the destructive fires.

Dermalogica describes the vision of the campaign in this way on their website:

“The art of ballet is one where both physical & mental strength are equally essential. The correlation between holding one’s neck in a position of confidence and the strength when lifting to gracefully jump through the air, complement the benefits and effects of the the then new Neck Fit Contour Serum”

In addition to the release of our Neck Fit Contour serum, this campaign announced Dermalogica Australia’s partnership with Stars Foundation, which enables Indigenous girls and young women to attend and remain engaged at school, complete year 12 and move into full-time work or further study.  Dermalogica’s values are rooted in education and their product line grew out of a desire to provide skin therapists with best-in-class skin care products and education.

You can watch out another Dermalogica commercial from the same team, including the agency Agenda, director Cybele Malinowski, DOP Selina Miles, producer Angela Liang and colourist Angela Cerasi here.  More recently, Angela Cerasi also colour graded this stunning commercial for Kailis Jewellery.