A Savage Christmas

93 min feature drama/ comedy

Director: Madeleine Dyer

Writers: Madeleine Dyer, Max Jahufer, Daniel Mulvihill

Post Supervisor: Ben McNeill

EP/ Producer: Madeleine Dyer, Daniel Mulvihill & Ben McNeill

EPs: Jason Byrne, Robyn Cavanagh, Stephen Corvini, Michael Favelle, Dylan Gower, John Hart, Darren Holmes, Duy Huynh, Andrew Kelly, Susie

Montague-Delaney, Jonathan Page, Tony Rogers, Nita Vasilescu

Production Manager: Abby Sheather

DOP: Shing Fung Cheung

Senior Colourist: Angela Cerasi for Peachy Keen Colour

Editor: Pip Hart

Brisbane-based colourist Angela Cerasi remotely colour graded this feature drama/ comedy film; “A Savage Christmas”.


The film is the debut production from Roaring Entertainment — a newly formed company by Brisbane-based producers Ben McNeill and Daniel Mulvihill, and is the first full-length feature from Townsville-based director, writer and producer Madeleine Dyer.  “A Savage Christmas” was supported by the Queensland Government through Screen Queensland’s Screen Finance program, with principal production investment from Screen Australia.


Angela worked closely with the director and producers, as well as DOP Shing Fung Cheung on the colour grade.


Trans woman Davina Savage returns home for Christmas after years of estrangement.  Expecting her transition to be the focus, it’s overshadowed by family secrets and lies which threaten not only their lives – but also another Christmas lunch.


The feature drama/comedy stars Helen Thomson (Elvis), Darren Gilshenan (Upright, No Activity), David Roberts (Colin from Accounts), Gary Sweet (Jack Irish) and Ryan Morgan (Locusts), with Rachel Griffiths (Total Control, Bali 2002) also featured. The film introduces newcomers Thea Raveneau, Max Jahufer and Rekha Ryan in their feature debuts.


Grainne Brunsdon, Screen Australia’s Head of Content, was quoted in CinemaAustralia as saying the film blends off-beat humour while reflecting our nation’s diversity.


“We’re pleased to support this feature directorial debut from Madeleine Dyer writing with Max Jahufer and Daniel Mulvihill on this distinctly Aussie comedy.  With a strong ensemble cast, this film weaves contemporary issues and themes of acceptance into a classic Christmas family fiasco, and it’s sure to bring the holiday spirit to audiences this year.”


In 2023 the film released to CinefestOZ and the Brisbane International Film Festival.  To see another documentary colour graded by Angela Cerasi, click here.