MasterChef Australia

Season 14

Production Co: Ten Network and Endemol Shine Australia

Executive Producer: David Forster

Executive Producer, Post Production: Eoin Maher

Series Producer: Simon Child

DOP: Matthew Romanis

Head of Post Production Operations: Sam Steindl
Post Production Supervisors: John Tsakonas and Antonia Vlahovic

The Peachy Keen Colour team showcased our remote colour grade workflow on some episodes of MasterChef Australia season 14: “Fans & Favourites” for Endemol Shine Australia. In this season of the Australian competitive cooking reality show, 12 new contestants duked it out against 12 former contestants to impress the judges and win cooking challenges.


Peachy loved colour grading the gorgeous food shots, helping them look extra appealing, as well as the MasterChef Australia contestants, judges and sets.  It was also fun to watch the twists and turns of the competition as grading was completed!


This season omitted the broadcast of the audition stage for the new contestants and started with the 24 contestants competing in an Immunity Pin Challenge. Like the previous season, the holders of an Immunity Pin were able to use them at any point during future Elimination Challenges. The series featured more Immunity Pins handed out than any previous series, with seven being handed out in total. Christina, Harry, Tommy, Billie, Michael, Sarah and Julie were the winners of the seven pins at various points during the season.


Initially, instead of randomly chosen teams most team challenges at the beginning of the season featured contestants competing as members of either the Fans (new contestants) or Favourites (returning contestants) teams. This continued until week 6 when the two teams were dissolved.


This season, the typical MasterChef weekly format was slightly changed. Mondays now feature a Mystery Box with the bottom entries facing Tuesday’s Pressure Test elimination. Wednesdays feature a Team Challenge with the winning team competing in the Immunity Challenge on Thursday, in which one contestant will be granted immunity from the upcoming elimination. All the other contestants then head into the All-In Elimination Challenge on Sunday.


Like season 12, this season did not feature a “second chance” challenge for eliminated contestants to return to the show.


Colour graded by Angela Cerasi, Tom Meares and Emily Reid for Peachy Keen Colour.  To see another episodic TV series remotely colour graded by the Peachy team, check out the trailer for The Crown and Us, here.