Dominos More: Smokehouse


Agency: Elevencom

Production Co: Tasty Pictures

Director/DOP: Ronald Koetzier

Tasty Producer: Mark Bishop

Post Producer: Celeste Fairlie

VFX/ Post Production: Alt VFX

Colour Grade: Angela Cerasi for Peachy Keen Colour

The brief for a commercial like this one is always to have the food as the hero and to look as appetising as possible.  I spend a lot of time on each food shot, especially the close ups of the product (in this case, the pizza). It is extremely important to get the cheese the right shade of yellow (leaning toward a paler yellow) so it looks perfectly melted and not like it has been sitting on set for a few hours! The meat must have depth to its colour and this goes for the tomato base too. Any green scallions or capsicum must be a fresh, crisp colour and not too luminescent.


Domino’s is delivering MORE for Meatlovers with the launch of its brand-new Smokehouse Meats Range, featuring a selection of pizzas, pastas and fries loaded with succulent meats, slow cooked over Australian wood chips.