Art film Dollie, colour graded by Angela Cerasi

Art film

95 Minute feature documentary

Production: Entropico

Director/ Photographer: Cybele Malinowski

Executive Producers: Kyle Blanchard, Erin Moy

Producer: Gus Kennelly

DOP: Tom Black

Editor: Ange Scott

Colour Grade: Angela Cerasi for Peachy Keen Colour

Angela Cerasi colour graded this experimental art & fashion short film “Dollie“, directed by Cybele Malinowski.  Dollie was a passion project for Cybele, influenced in part by the hype surrounding the Barbie movie.  Dollie was one of the first collaborations between Cybele and production Entropico as they added her to their roster of directors.  DOP Tom Black captured the stunning images.


Dollie premierered at the PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival in 2024.  They introduced Cybele and the short film in this way on their website listing:


Cybele Malinowski has galvanised her place in the fashion, music and advertising industry with her bright, bold and unmistakable imagery. Dividing her time between Australia and LA for 15 years, her work is distinct for its striking connection between subject and viewer. Cybele’s obsession with the play of light, form and attention to detail are a reference back to her formal training in architecture. She has shot with more musicians and models than we can name in this short bio. Cybele is also a widely celebrated fashion photographer, and curates immaculate frames – both moving and still.  


Stylishly disturbing, satirical and chic, Dollie is a modern shopping channel malaise of a film that will scramble your gaze and make you rethink your childhood. 


Australian photographer and filmmaker Cybele Malinowski has spent the last 15 years making waves in the local and international fashion industry. But in her latest film and fashion shoot ‘Dollie’, her lens becomes a satirical one – taking aim at where it all began: her doll collection. 


To see another commercial colour graded by Angela Cerasi in collaboration with director Cybele Malinowski, check out this campaign for Dermalogica called Hold The Pose here.  To see another art & fashion film colour graded by Angela, check out this video, directed by Ryan Renshaw, called BETHANY CORDWELL FASHION “Warped Observance”