18 Minute Short Film

Director/DOP: Mark Broadbent ACS

Editor: Anasiou Canaris

Sound Design: Nicholas Rowan

Re-record Mixer: Joel Hodgkinson

Colourist: Angela Cerasi

This 2021 short documentary, directed by Mark Broadbent ACS, was colour graded remotely by Angela Cerasi of Peachy Keen Colour.


Mark Broadbent ASC has over 20 years of experience as a professional cinematographer.  He has worked across most genres: feature and series documentaries, commercials, feature and short drama, music videos and brand films.  His work has taken him all over Australia as well as international shoots in the UK, Ireland, USA, Samoa, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, PNG, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Iceland and Antarctica.   Mark also specialises in underwater cinematography and he is also an incredible stills photographer!


Mark’s current focus is on long term observations revolving around surf and water culture, including his first film Trio. The film and images were created over 3 winter trips.


Trio tells the story of pro surfers, no big budget trips, just three Icelandic locals: Ingo, Ari and Anton from Arctic Surfers, who have discovered friendship amidst a common love of finding the best waves across the wild coastline of Iceland each winter.


Angela loved colour grading the spectacularly cinematic icy images!  The brief from Mark was to give it a bit of a “look” and not just the standard natural/ clean documentary look (we love to hear it!).  Mark wanted more of a bit of grit and punch to the images – good contrast but limited saturation in the warmer tones.  He wanted the tone and mood to shift a little with the story – when a snow storm rushed in the grade could feel very harsh and cold – other parts would be bright and clean to reflect the mood of the story.


To see another documentary series colour graded by Angela where Mark Broadbent was one of the DOPs, check out the trailer and stills for Big Weather (And How to Survive It), here.  To see another short documentary colour graded by Angela, check out Mamirnikuwi, here.