Extreme Engagement

8 x 35mins DOCU-DRAMA SERIES, 2019

Netflix Original Series

Wildman Films

Producer/Directors: Tim Noonan, PJ Madam

This 2019 Netflix Original Series, Extreme Engagement was colour graded remotely by Angela Cerasi in collaboration with ZIGZAG Post.  Workflow for the show spanned the globe – from shooting in multiple locations around the world, to ZIGZAG Post post-producing in Sydney, with Angela grading remotely in Brisbane, and a final delivery of the show in 4K to Netflix L.A.


The series was Netflix’s first Australian original unscripted series. It revolves around an engaged couple, Tim Noonan and PJ Madam, and sees them going on a year-long trip to find out whether they should really get married or not.


In a world with increasing divorce rates, a couple took it upon themselves to spend a year testing their engagement, testing varying cultures that have different practises when it comes to relationships, marriage and family. Through their epic journey they learn about marriage, ceremonies and rituals and in turn learn more about themselves and each other.


At the time of the series, Tim Noonan was working as a filmmaker and TV presenter for BBC and Discovery.  PJ Madam was a TV journalist.  The couple directed themselves and Tim Noonan was the director of photography for the series.  Part of the inspiration for the series was that the couple had spent the last couple of years (and first year of their engagement) apart, working in separate countries.  The series was produced in part by their joint production company, Wildman Films.


Tim Noonan captured some incredible images on their travels including stunning vistas in Cameroon, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, Mongolia, Yanaba and the Brazilian Amazon – which we loved enhancing in the colour grade.


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