Bobby Fox ft. Miranda Kerr

“You’re the Boss” MUSIC VIDEO

Director: Mark Alston

Producer: Dean Bates

Production Company: Starchild Media

DOP: Zoe White ACS

This 2014 music video for Bobby Fox “You’re the Boss” was colour graded by senior colourist Angela Cerasi.  Post production, including the colour grade, was completed at post-production studio Heckler, in Sydney.


The visual brief for this music video called for bold, striking and beautiful feels.  The lush and stunning images captured by DOP Zoe White ACS definitely helped!


The song is an Elvis cover and the music video features Australia-based Irish performer Bobby Fox along with Australian model Miranda Kerr.  The song “You’re The Boss” originally featured on 1964 film Viva Las Vegas as a duet between Elvis and Ann-Margaret.


Bobby Fox is an Irish-born Australian actor who originated the role of Frankie Valli in the Australian production of Jersey Boys.  He is a former World Irish Dance Champion and toured extensively with Irish dance productions.  He has starred in many musicals and has appeared in film and television shows.  This song comes from his debut album, The Fantastic Mr Fox.


Former Victoria’s Secret model and entrepreneur Miranda Kerr tweeted about the song:


“I usually just sing in the shower but (Bobby Fox) convinced me to record a duet with him. Not a career change, just a bit of fun.”


Miranda Kerr had previously recorded some songs that didn’t end up being released and said her love of music stems from her grandmother, who used to play the piano while Kerr sung alongside her.  She also sang in a Lipton commercial in 2012.


Bobby Fox spoke about working with Miranda Kerr in this article:


“She was great, I found her really inspiring.  She was very hands on, she gives everything a red hot go.”


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