The Pool

95 Minute feature documentary

Production: Shark Island Institute

Director: Ian Darling

Producers: Mary Macrae & Ian Darling

EPs: Margaret Simpson-Lee, Geralyn Dreyfous, Kate Hodges

DOP: Ben Cunningham ACS

Editor: Sally Fryer ASE

Post Production: Soundfirm

Post Production Producer: Shaun Richards

Colour Grade: Angela Cerasi

Angela Cerasi colour graded this stunning documentary THE POOL, for director Ian Darling at Shark Island Institute.


THE POOL documentary features Bondi Icebergs, the most photographed pool in the world.  For nearly a century this spectacular 50 metre stretch of sparkling blue at the southern end of Bondi Beach has occupied a special corner in the hearts of millions. This is where generations of children have learnt to swim, where the diehard have braved the frigid waters of one hundred winters, where the young and beautiful have come to bond and bake in the hot sun, and where sightseers from around the world have taken refuge during the scorching heights of endless Australian summers.


Icebergs is at once a meeting place, a resting place, a workout place and a place of romance and ritual. We come to understand that for those who seek it out, and return, it is a symbol of inclusivity, healing and resilience. THE POOL is a stunning cinematic experience with a soundtrack that harks back to the 1960s and a cast of characters who each have a story to tell; breezy, heart-warming, funny and poignant.


It speaks to the enduring power of community and our collective longing to find it, whoever we are and wherever we come from. No matter your background or where you’re at — everyone is equal in their swimsuits.


THE POOL will premiere at the Sydney Film Festival in June 2024.


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