Produced by Father & Sun.

Directed and edited by Timon Birkhofer.

Written by Moi & Jørg Kundinger.

Produced by Ossey James, Timon Birkofer and Jorg Jundinger.

Cinematography by Marcin Banasiak.  

This stunning brand car commercial for Maserati was colour graded remotely by Peachy Colourist Angela Cerasi and reviewed by the creative team from Father&Sun in LA.  Timon Birkhofer directed the TVC, which was produced by Ossey James, Timon Birkofer and Jorg Jundinger.  This commercial was released in January 2020.


After WWII, Italy was going through an era of economic boom. Italian products defined luxury, optimism and enjoyment. Cars were either built for comfort or performance, not both. During this time, Maserati introduced the concept of grand touring, essentially traveling with both speed and style, with their iconic four-seat, two-door coupe, the A6 1500. From this starting point, Maserati continued to produce vehicles in the granturismo spirit, including the 3500 GT and the Ghibli, eventually followed by the first Maserati to be aptly titled “GranTurismo” in 2007.

In 2015, Klaus Busse took the helm of Maserati Design, ushering in the modern era of design at Maserati. In fall of 2020, Klaus and Maserati launched the MC20, a handcrafted from the ground up Maserati that could share the stage with luxury sports cars from other notable performance manufacturers including Porsche and Ferrari.

More than just a car manufacturer, Maserati is a symbol of Italian luxury, meticulously crafting vehicles that seamlessly blend breathtaking performance with timeless design and unparalleled craftsmanship.

This car commercial showcases the elegance and exoticism of the sleek Maserati car.  DOP Marcin Banasiak captured the incredible landscapes and sunsets which were able to be transformed in the light and cinematic colour grade.

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