Deadhouse Dark

6 x 12-15min DRAMA SERIES, 2020

Deadhouse Films

Directors: Enzo Tedeschi, Rachele Wiggins, Joshua Long,  Denai Gracie,  Kristy Best,  Rosie Lourde

Producers: Enzo Tedeschi, Rachele Wiggins

DOP: Chris Bland

Colour Grade: Angela Cerasi

Angela Cerasi remotely colour graded Deadhouse Dark, a 6 x 12-15 minute horror anthology series.  She worked out of Brisbane while the team of directors worked out of Sydney.  Each short horror film is directed by a different Australian director: Enzo Tedeschi, Rachele Wiggins, Rosie Lourde, Megan Riakos, Denai Gracie and Joshua Long.


Inspired by recent social, cultural and online phenomena, Deadhouse Dark is a boxful of six stories that all take place within the same world – a modern world driven by online connections, constant surveillance, insta-celebrity and an ability to instantly gratify just about any need or desire, no matter how fleeting or dark.


The stories are anchored by a woman who receives a ‘mystery box’ from the dark web, only to discover that each item inside gradually uncovers a terrible truth. Starring Nicholas Hope, Barbara Bingham, Lauren Orrell, Naomi Sequeira, Eliza Nicholls, Jenny Wu, Ryan Morgan, Adam Sollis, Gemma Bird Matheson, Anni Finsterer, Akosia Sabet and Roxane Wilson.


Deadhouse Dark is presented by an experienced team led by Showrunner Enzo Tedeschi. He is joined by Megan Riakos (Crushed), Denai Gracie (Battle Ground), Rosie Lourde (Romance On The Menu), Joshua Long (Post Mortem Mary), and Rachele Wiggins (Slice of Life) who each write and direct an episode. This project is supported by Screen Australia and Screen Queensland.


Deadhouse Dark was selected for the short form competition at Canneseries.  It was the only Australian entry in the event, which runs alongside the MIPTV market at the Cannes Film Festival.


The series is streaming in 2024 on Shudder.  To see another horror film from Enzo Tedeschi and also colour graded remotely by Angela Cerasi, check out “Over the Edge”