Over the Edge

6min SHORT FILM, 2020

Director: Enzo Tedeschi

Starring: Barbara Bingham, Nicholas Hope

Writers: Barbara Bingham, Enzo Tedeschi.

Producers: Rachele Wiggins, Helen Tuck.

This short horror film, Over the Edge, was colour graded remotely by Angela Cerasi in Brisbane while the creative team worked out of Sydney.  The film was written, directed & EP’d by experienced horror director Enzo Tedeschi.  The eerie footage was beautifully captured by DOP Shing-Fung Cheung, who won the GOLD Award from the ASC Australian Cinematographers Society for his stunning visuals on Over the Edge.  Powerhouse producers Rachele Wiggins and Helen Tuck rounded out the creative team in Sydney.


In Over The Edge, strung out film composer, Simone, played by Barbara Bingham, is struggling through a creative block.  She is soon dragged out of wallowing in her self-obsessed creative funk by witnessing a terrible event.  She finds herself in a situation that might just put her life in danger.  Nicholas Hope also features as Officer Blaze – both actors are icons of cult cinema.  Over The Edge marks Enzo’s third collaboration with Nicholas Hope after Event Zero and the Shudder Original Series Deadhouse Dark.


Barbara Bingham wrote the short film about how appearances can be deceiving and includes a nod to Hitchcock’s Rear Window.  The film was shot in Barbara Bingham’s own house.


The short film won the audience award in the Dramatic/Horror Short category at the Coronado International Film Festival in 2020, despite Covid hitting just as filming ended and the fact that many festivals ended up being cancelled or going virtual.


To see another horror film series directed by Enzo Tedeschi and colour graded by Angela Cerasi between Sydney and Brisbane, check out this anthology series “Deadhouse Dark”, one of which was directed by Enzo.  Rachele Wiggins produced this series too, along with Enzo Tedeschi.