EPISODE #3 // Colour Grading Documentary


“Make it look natural” is what we have traditionally heard during the creative brief for a documentary grade, but what does this actually mean and is there a better way?  Senior colourist Angela Cerasi explores how images can have deeper meaning whilst still “looking natural” and explores new visual trends in this space.



  • Current trends in the visual looks of documentary
  • Discovering the overarching tone of the film
  • Going further than colour correction
  • When and why to go with a “video look”
  • Subverting what is expected
  • Cinematic documentary
  • Career lessons regarding “stylised” grades
  • The feature colour is…



Some stills from the Irish feature documentary, ‘His and Hers’ (2010) showing a soft, low contrast look.  Interviews with 70 different women in 70 different houses flowed together through a seamless look – no colours, shadows or elements jarring and distracting, and no interview standing out more than another.  This enhanced the intention of the film which was one united story of love.