Angela Cerasi's podcast episode discusses HDR and colour grading

EP # 8 // HDR Grading Demystified

HDR is a superior picture format which now comes as standard in most modern TV’s and devices.  It is also becoming a required deliverable that filmmakers need to provide streaming platforms.  So what are the basics that you need to know?  And how can colour grading and finishing in HDR be used to enhance your story?  Senior colourist Angela Cerasi demystifies it for you – without the techy talk.


  • The evolution of HDR
  • The different flavours of HDR
  • Dolbyvision
  • Grading HDR
  • The storytelling capability of HDR
  • How does Dolbyvision work?
  • The feature colour is…



An example of a grade (no picture break-up)


An example of a grade pushed too far (with picture break-up)





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  • Special thanks to the Film & TV Technologist, Stuart Pointon at PAVtCAL who read through my script and double-checked all of my techy facts for this episode!
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What other topics will Angela Cerasi be exploring in the podcast?

  • The “Filmic Look”
  • Colour Grading Documentary
  • Colour Grading Commercials
  • Giving your Colourist the Best Creative Brief
  • Being Creative and what to do when you’re struggling to find your creativity
  • Considering the impacts of Light and Darkness on story in pre-production, production and post
  • Considering the colour blue and how it impacts on storytelling