Angela Cerasi's podcast episode about colour grading commercials

EP # 10 // Grading Commercials

In the final episode of the season, senior colourist Angela Cerasi identifies the ways in which grading commercials is unique from drama and documentary.  She explores how colour work for motion picture is different to print advertisements and explains colour perception.


  • Differences between grading for commercials, drama and documentary
  • Attention to detail examples
  • Ad agencies and production companies
  • Creative briefs for commercials
  • Differences between motion picture ads and print ads
  • Colour perception
  • The feature colour is…



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  • Our full list of podcast episodes can be found here.
  • Angela also has a blog post about the difference between colour grading commercials, compared to documentary, over on Peachy Keen Colour’s website, here.

What other topics will Angela Cerasi be exploring in the podcast?

  • The “Filmic Look”
  • Colour Grading Documentary
  • Explaning all about LUTs, in easy-to-understand language
  • Explaning all about HDR Grading, in easy-to-understand language
  • Giving your Colourist the Best Creative Brief
  • Being Creative and what to do when you’re struggling to find your creativity
  • Considering the impacts of Light and Darkness on story in pre-production, production and post
  • Considering the colour blue and how it impacts on storytelling