Swimming for Gold


The Steve Jaggi Company

MarVista Entertainment

Director: Hayley MacFarlane

Producers: Steve Jaggi, Spencer McLare

Executive Producers: Larry Grimaldi, Lionel Hicks, Phil Hunt, Janine Pearce, Hannah Pillemer, Compton Ross, Fernando Szew

DOP: Shing Fung Cheung

Swimming For Gold is Australia’s first feature film to be colour graded in 4K Dolbyvision.  Angela Cerasi colour graded the feature film on site at Serve Chilled, Brisbane.


It features a talented young cast headlined by Peyton List and supported by a strong Australian ensemble. 


When Claire Carpenter’s dad sends her to Australia to coach an elite boys swim team, Claire finds herself face to face with long-time rival Mikayla Michaels, and the news that the camp will close if the team loses the next meet. To save the camp, Claire must overcome a secret fear, put aside her differences with Mikayla and rediscover her passion.