Angela Cerasi's podcast episode about LUTs and colour grading

EP # 5 // LUTs Demystified

As a filmmaker working today, you will no doubt hear a cinematographer, DIT and/or a colourist talk about LUTs.  So what even is a LUT and what do you need to know?  In this fun episode, senior colourist Angela Cerasi breaks it down for you so that next time you hear about them you can participate confidently in the conversation.



  • What are LUTs?
  • The different types of Technical LUTs.
  • Why you would use a Creative LUT.
  • If you know only one thing about LUTs, know this…
  • The feature colour is…




  • Thank you to our awesome sponsor, ON AUDIO POST.
  • Special thanks to the Film & TV Technologist, Stuart Pointon at PAVtCAL who read through my script and double-checked all of my techy facts for this episode!




  • This is an excellent in-depth conversation about LUTs (and other tech things) between Roger and James Deakins and the colour scientist, Joachim (“JZ”) Zell.  You can find that podcast episode here.
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  • If you prefer reading to listening to a podcast – you can read all about LUTs on this blog over on Angela’s Peachy Keen Colour website.

What other topics will Angela Cerasi be exploring in the podcast?

  • The “Filmic Look”
  • Colour Grading Documentary
  • Colour Grading Commercials
  • Explaning all about HDR Grading, in easy-to-understand language
  • Giving your Colourist the Best Creative Brief
  • Being Creative and what to do when you’re struggling to find your creativity
  • Considering the impacts of Light and Darkness on story in pre-production, production and post
  • Considering the colour blue and how it impacts on storytelling