Tania Lambert ACS

Director of Photography


"Angela was the colourist on the digital series which I DOPed, 'Patricia Moore'. In our first prep meeting, I felt we connected on a visual level as we discussed references and visual motifs. Throughout the entire 10 day grade Angela brought an emotional understanding to the grade, which I find very important working in drama as well as a natural talent for consistency and finding interesting looks which were tonally suitable. I would highly recommend working with Angela."




Genevieve Clay-Smith



"Angela is an incredibly talented film colourist. Our production team had the pleasure of working with her on a recent short film project which had some major challenges when it came to the grade, including scenes with hard cuts between shots that were filmed in two different lighting set ups. I knew the team would need a phenomenal grader, someone with incredible skill, who could work magic. My estimation was that the grade would need to take at least 2 days. Incredibly, Angela took half a day on this project and brought our film to life in a sensational way. Angela has done an amazing job on this film. It's a wonderful story, beautifully directed with gorgeous performances and her grade has really brought it all to life. Thank you Angela for gifting us with your talent!"




Laura Clelland



"Angela colour graded our Screen Australia funded series "Life of Jess". Angela had a wonderful calm and considerate demeanour and worked passionately to help us achieve a great overall look and feel for our series. She understood the brief and provided great instincts to achieve a beautiful result with consistent colour grading for each episode and across the series. I look forward to working with Angela again and have no hesitation recommending her for other projects."




Imogen Thomas



"Angela recently colour graded my feature film, Emu Runner. I found her ability to enhance and map the shifts of time and place through the colour palette remarkable to watch. While Angela has a subtle touch and an eye for detail she also has a strong awareness of the dramatic arcs and the larger story that is being told and how that translates into the colour palette. She uses her time extremely efficiently and brings a friendly and easy-going atmosphere to the workplace. I would recommend her highly and look forward to collaborating with her on future projects."




Darrell Martin



"Angela did a fantastic job of grading a new Network 10 comedy series I shot called Street Smart. She understood the look and feel of what we were going for immediately and was able to grade the project in record time, often matching shots from different cameras, different days and in varying weather conditions with ease."





Jonathan Nyquist

Director, Rapid Films


“I was stoked with the grade, you really did a great job and finished it perfectly! I think the grade seriously took it to another level. So thank you and definitely work with you again!”




Gary Curran

Colourist on HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ and company co-director at Outer Limits Post Production  – Dublin


“In her time at Screen Scene Post, Angela has become an exceptional colourist. She came into post production at a challenging time and showed the ability to deal with emerging and challenging camera formats and workflows with ease. She brings to her job a great flare for visuals which she has always expressed through her photography. She brings a great eye, sensitivity and creativity to her job which her clients have always appreciated. Angela can bring together all those skills while working to a brief and a schedule. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any potential employer.”




Owen McPolin ISC

Director of Photography on BBC’s ‘When Harvey Met Bob’


“I had the pleasure to work with Angela Cerasi on the Television Film “When Harvey Met Bob”, a ninety minute drama produced by Great Meadows Productions, (Producers Robert Cooper & Kate Triggs) for BBC 1.


I found Angela to be extremely technically efficient, knowledgeable, speedy and highly competent in the execution of specific instructions from both Producers, Director and myself. Her ability to communicate, interpret and act inclusively in the search for the optimum technical look for any given project, is truly excellent.


Moreover, her ability to tease out, explore and find an artistic and mutually agreeable approach to finding a look for a project I found to be highly developed, articulate and complex. It was a pleasure working with her and it made the experience a truly collaborative one: it is this quality that separates Angela from others that operate in the field and a quality that makes her unique.


I would have absolutely no reservations in recommending her for the role of colourist in any organisation lucky enough to have the opportunity to collaborate with her.”




Gerry Gregg

Emmy Award Winning Producer/Director


“Angela has always been an absolute pleasure to work with. She has always been determined to find the best and most appropriate look to our stories and she has been sensitive to the challenges posed by working with a range of visual sources from Super 8 mm to video to black and white archive etc.


Working with Angela has always been a truly collaborative process. I have always felt confident that my work as a Producer/Director will be greatly enhanced by Angela’s creativity, her technical knowledge and her editorial insights.


I have no hesitation in recommending Angela to any prospective client. ​Ireland’s loss is Australia’s gain.”




Steve MacDonald



“Thank you so much for all your hard work on the feature, Baxter and Me. You brought a wealth of experience and aesthetic refinement to the project. I very much appreciated your help and skill in integrating different formats, codecs and time frames. Also your ability to enhance documentary naturalism via colour contrasts and the subtle implementation of graduated vignettes (highlights and shadows).


You are a delight to work with.”