Director: Ronald Koetzier

Post Production: Alt VFX

The brief for a commercial like this one is always to have the food as the hero and to look as appetising as possible.  I spend a lot of time on each food shot, especially the close ups of the product (in this case, the pizza). It is extremely important to get the cheese the right shade of yellow (leaning toward a paler yellow) so it looks perfectly melted and not like it has been sitting on set for a few hours! The meat must have depth to its colour and this goes for the tomato base too. Any green scallions or capsicum must be a fresh, crisp colour and not too luminescent. This Dominos campaign focuses on the deep pan crust, so Ronald and I made sure that when it was torn apart it looked airy and fresh, also that the eye was drawn to it. The crust matches between each shot and looks perfectly baked.


Cut in with the hero shots of the food are the “lifestyle” shots of the dude in the office foyer and the elevator. The office errs on the cooler side to juxtapose nicely with the warmth of the pizza, and also the skin tones. Any greens in the office space are made brighter and healthier to make the spot feel fresh. Any time we see the pizza in these shots (including inside the box) it is to match the other close ups in the ad, it is to look hot, fresh and tasty.