Holy guacamole.. I just launched a podcast!

Today I ventured into the world of audio and launched my own PODCAST.  You what!?! I know! So excited but freaking out at the same time!  There’s nothing like putting yourself out there to make you want to crawl under a rock.  But today I’m telling my inner critic to take a walk, because I’m a firm believer we should celebrate our achievements… and you know what?  I did it!  EEEEEE!!!!


The fancy description that I had to write for Apple Podcasts goes like this:


THE ART OF COLOUR GRADING PODCAST is for filmmakers who are passionate about storytelling but often feel bamboozled by the tech. Join senior colourist Angela Cerasi as she shares insights and anecdotes about the artistry of her craft and unpacks how colour grading can transform your work. 


The first three episodes are now live.  The first is an introduction to who I am and why I am making a podcast, the second episode unpacks the “filmic look” and the third is about colour grading documentary.


Season One consists of 10 episodes and a new episode will be released every Tuesday.  Some of the topics include… Grading Commercials, Brightness and Darkness as a Storytelling Tool, LUTs De-mystified, How to Give the Best Creative Briefs and HDR De-mystified.


Be sure to hit SUBSCRIBE in iTunes or Apple Podcasts because apparently it helps the algorithms do cool things with your podcast rankings!  It would be great if producers and directors from all over knew about the podcast, I think it could be really insightful into how colour grading can help elevate a story.


Thanks for listening and don’t forget to email me with any comments or suggestions for an episode!