Angela is fuelled by an obsession for beautiful imagery. She is a Sydney-based colourist with more than a decade of experience in both long and short form work, with credits spanning Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby to commercials for Toyota, Gatorade and Suncorp.


She has gained a loyal following of clients who love her client-centred approach, her swift and no-fuss execution and the warm and positive vibes she brings to every grade suite.  The patience, perspective and pragmatism she has acquired as a mother of two children has also given her renewed efficiency and enthusiasm for her artistic work.  


Angela loves elegant and subtle colour grading that perfectly reflects the tone of the story.  It is her goal in every session to collaborate with the filmmaker to find out their visual intention and use her experience and skills to translate this on screen.


She loves to collaborate with her clients to find the perfect solution, whether this be with a lightness of touch or going for it with big, bold palettes.


Angela started her post production career more than 10 years ago in a Dublin telecine department doing one-lights and digital intermediate scans for commercials and films.  She still recalls the thrill of being the first one to open the cans from the lab, lacing up the telecine and seeing the silent, raw, unadulterated footage flicker through the gate and appear on screen.  She has deep respect for the hard work a film crew undertakes to put that image on the screen after working in camera departments on Queensland’s Gold Coast as a clapper loader.  She remembers the hard graft and adventure of pushing a camera trolley up the side of a mountain, changing lenses on a windy beach and the satisfaction of pre-empting a cinematographer’s request.


She spends her spare time immersing herself in her love of photography and visual art, passions that give her work a unique foundation and an artist’s approach to colour grading.